Stability, Sport and Performance Movement


Book Overview

Full of colour photographs and images to illustrate the techniques and theories involved, Stability, Sport, and Performance Movement introduces functional stability principles as they apply to sporting movement. It is an approach that has been used with international-level athletes in a wide array of disciplines. The techniques are applicable and relevant across all age groups and ability levels, from beginners through to veterans. Effective adult movement starts with great foundations, so a dedicated chapter on establishing stable controlled movement in children is included.

Joanne Elphinston is a Performance Consultant, international lecturer and physiotherapist working with elite and professional athletes. Joanne is a consultant on Performance Movement to the British Olympic Association, as well as advising professional sporting organisations on technical movement enhancement for performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation. She also has extensive experience in child and adolescent movement development for sport and its progression into senior competition. For further information, see

“…at the forefront of contemporary physiotherapy and athlete development thinking…an indispensible resource for the pursuit of optimal athletic performance and the promotion of effective movement and efficiency whatever the level of activity and sport concerned…instantly helpful to all levels of experience.”
Stephen Mutch, Scotland Rugby Team Physiotherapist; Vice-chair, Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine; Scottish Commonwealth Games Team Physiotherapist; Clinical Director of SPACE Clinics.

Contents: What is Stability?, The Anatomy of Stability, Key Stability Concepts for Efficient Movement, Functional Assessment, Building Fluent Movement, Phase 1: Activation and Awareness, Building Fluent Movement, Phase 2: Integration, Building Fluent Movement, Phase 3: Global Coordination, Building Fluent Movement, Phase 4: Dynamic Control, Stability Across the Training Programme, Stability Training for Children, Sample Programmes, Notes From the Chipboard: Treatment Pathways, Appendices, Bibliography and References, Index of Exercises.