Blackroll Twister Black


Small but great: the TWISTER is BLACKROLL®’s secret weapon. The BLACKROLL® TWISTER does not only work with applying body weight to it but also allows the combination of pressure and twisting. The result: circulation rises, trigger bands and -points are stimulated and the fascial tissue becomes well hydrated.

The special studded surface and ergonomic concise curve of the BLACKROLL® TWISTER allows a new targeted stimulation.
– Punctual massage of chest, shoulder and feet musculature by applying pressure and a twisting by hand
– Stimulation of the upper skin layer
– Application of different surfaces for optimal therapeutic results

A great tool to use for regeneration and mobilisation of muscles and fascia.
– Made in Germany
– Environmentally friendly
– Energy saving production
– 100 % recyclable
– Free of propellant
– Free of chemicals
– Inodorous
– Water resistent
– Easy to clean
– Easy sanitizable

Massage of chest- and shoulder musculature by applying pressure and a twisting by hand. Massage of fore arms along the trigger bands by applying pressure and twisting by hand. Suitable for professional therapeutic use as well as for self-myofascial therapy

Weight 10 g

Length 6.8cm

Width 4.5cm

Height 4.5cm