Finding Their Feet


Come on the journey from womb to walking as your baby finds their feet.

Good health and well-being starts at the feet. From their first kicks in the womb to their first wobbly toddler steps – and every milestone in between – your baby’s feet play a crucial role in their physical, mental, and emotional development.

Finding Their Feet is an accessible and practical guide for parents and carers, designed to equip them for the most important role they will ever have – guiding their child’s development for life-long success, from the feet up.

Learn about the anatomy and development of your baby’s feet, and the important relationship between their feet, body, and brain. Explore how your baby practices movement from their earliest moments, and how their innate primal reflexes and gross motor skills (rolling, crawling, standing and walking) help to develop their central nervous system, laying the foundations in their first years for reading, writing and language. Discover the importance of being barefoot, and the best footwear choices for your child.

Combining the latest research, easy-to-follow anatomical science, and fun, practical activities and exercises for you to enjoy with your baby while supporting their development, Finding Their Feet is a parenting book like no other.

Chapters Include:

  1. First kicks: the development of the foot
  2. Feeling Their Feet: Sensory Development
  3. First movements: Reflexes
  4. Early milestones: Head control, tummy time and rolling
  5. Sitting and crawling
  6. Standing, squatting and climbing
  7. Cruising and the Novice Walker
  8. Finding their feet: Walking
  9. The case for going barefoot
  10. The evolution of footwear
  11. What is the best footwear for children?
  12. Podo Problem-solving