The New Rules of Posture

by Mary Bond


How to Sit Stand and Move in the Modern World

Many people cause their own back and body pain through their everyday bad postural and movement habits. Many sense that their poor posture is probably the root of the problem but they are unable to change long-standing habits. In THE NEW RULES OF POSTURE, Mary Bond approaches postural changes from the inside out. She explains that healthy posture comes from a new sense we can learn to feel not by training our muscles into an ideal shape.

Drawing from 35 years of helping people improve their bodies she shows how habitual movement patterns and emotional factors lead to unhealthy posture. She contends that posture is the physical action we take to orient ourselves in relation to situations emotions and people; in order to improve our posture we need to examine both our physical postural traits and the self-expression that underlies the way we sit stand and move.

The way we walk, she says, is our body’s signature. Bond identifies the key anatomical features that impact alignment particularly in light of our modern sedentary lives and proposes six zones that help create postural changes: the pelvic floor the breathing muscles the abdomen the hands the feet and the head. This book is a resource for Pilates, yoga and dance instructors as well as healthcare professionals in educating people about postural self-care so they can relieve chronic pain and enjoy all life activities with greater ease. · Contains self-help exercises and ergonomics information to help correct unhealthy movement patterns · Teaches how to adopt suitable posture in the modern sedentary world