Integral Anatomy Series: Volume 4

Viscera and their Fasciae


VOLUME FOUR: running time: @1 hour, 53 min, DVD.

This volume covers the viscera of the abdominal, pelvic and thoracic spaces, and the fascia through which they relate. This volume also introduces into the mix of examples an unembalmed female form. The story of the layers of the form is continued where Vol. 3 left off, once the layers of the new form have been reflected in turn. The various organs are carefully explored at a pace coherent with the viscera themselves. The examples of the embalmed male and female form, whose viscera present clearly, create an ideal contrast to the unembalmed female form in which many adhesions are identified. The viewer is thus enabled to see both normal relationships and movements, as well as the sequelae to pathologies and surgeries.

A comprehensive understanding of the viscera and their fascial relationships requires a thorough understanding of the layers which surround them and form their context. All are strongly encouraged to engage the material in the first three volumes to achieve a full appreciation and understanding of Vol. 4. The material found on these disks is unique, cannot be found in books, and represents a leap beyond established regional perspectives.