Technique Tour DVD Set


The new “Dalton Technique Tour” 3-DVD set was formulated for the “in-the-trenches” massage and bodyworker interested in boosting their hands-on skills.
The DVD was sectioned so that each technique can be easily located, and you can practice a particular maneuver until you get it.
Add these “head-to-toe” deep tissue, joint-stretching and postural therapeutic routines to your existing repertoire and watch your practice grow.

Some examples of techniques you’ll find on this DVD set:

  • Plantar Fasciitis Routine
  • G-Max Activation
  • Facet Opening for Low Back Pain
  • Hiatal Hernia Release
  • Rotator Cuff Work
  • O-A Joint Release
  • Hip Capsule Mobilization
  • Hamstring (fascial bag) Release
  • Acromioclavicular Mobilization
  • Crossed Posture Corrections
  • SI joint Correction
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Abdominal Scar Release
  • Scoliosis Routine
  • DonTigney’s Pelvic Balancing
  • TMJ Technique
  • Upper Cervical Atlas Axis
  • Coccyx Pain
  • SCM & Firing Order Routine
  • Rib Springing Technique
  • Sacroiliac Torsion Treatment
  • Foot, Ankle & Knee Work
  • TOS and Sternoclavicular Release
  • Iliosacral Alignment
  • Restoring Lumbar Curve
  • Sacral Base Decompression
  • Pec Release / Reposition Scapula
  • Alternate OA Techniques
  • Dowager’s Hump
  • Closing Stretches