Blackroll Duoball 08cms – Black


The BLACKROLL®  DUOBALL 08 is highly appreciated for releasing painful neck tensions or massage around the Achilles tendon. Additionally it can be used for the upper arm, deltoid, pectoralis and calf.


Use the BLACKROLL® DUOBALL 08 for punctual massage of back and neck. You can use it on a table, wall or on the floor.

– For punctual use
– Massage of the deeper-lying muscle groups
– Suitable for massage of the upper arms, deltoid, pectoralis and calf
– The space between the two balls also allows a targeted and effective massage around the spine
– Improve flexibility and performance of the muscles
– Use on a table, wall or on the floor

A great tool to use for regeneration and mobilisation of muscles and fascia.
– Made in Germany
– Environmentally friendly
– Energy saving production
– 100 % recyclable
– Free of propellant
– Free of chemicals
– Inodorous
– Water resistent
– Easy to clean
– Easy sanitizable


Weight 22g

Length 16cm

Width 8cm

Height 8cm