Slings Myofascial Training® Tools

Slings Training pack


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For your Slings Myofascial Training® a stylish tool kit is now available, in the usual high quality we always aim for. With the SLINGS Tool Kit you are perfectly equipped for all the Slings exercises and variations from Anatomy Trains to Motion through to your Slings Diploma and beyond.

Props For Your Fascia Training

These are the components of the Slings Myofascial Training® Tools Kit:

  • 1 Kneeling Pad
  • 2 Slings Myofascial Massage Balls
  • 2 Slings Myofascial Massage Dome
  • 2 Slings Myofascial Trigger Balls
  • 1 Bag


The soft strip of mat can be used as a padding for your knees. The pad reduces possible pressure points and uncomfortable sensations in the area of the knee whilst exercising in an upright kneeling position, a lunge position or in 4-point kneeling. The Slings Kneeling Pad is placed on top of your exercise mat. Tightly rolled, the strip of mat can be used as a pillow. Place it under your head for neck extension, under your pelvis in supine or under your abdominal area for positions in prone to lengthen your lumbar spine or as a precaution in case of possible contraindications. The Slings Kneeling Pad can be used as an elbow pad in a lateral position or in a sideplank to optimally support your practice. Or it serves as an anti-glide mat, or as hand and foot padding.

Airex, 50 x 24 x 1,5 cm, shist


The Slings Myofascial Massage Balls are for massaging various areas of the body. The knobs are slightly rounded for a soft stimulation – also on more tender areas, such as the muscle insertions at the Os occipital. An integrated valve allows an adaptation of the hardness.

10 cm Ø, 100 g, gold Latex free, BPA free, free of phthalate, lead-free, REACH compliant


The Dome serves as a massage tool for different regions of the body, as well as head- and pelvis padding. The half-rounded part is equipped with knobs and the flat side is smooth.

11 cm Ø, 6 cm height, 150 g, anthracite Latex free, BPA free, free of phthalate, lead-free, REACH compliant


The Trigger Balls of the Slings Myofascial Tools kit can be used for massaging the foot, hand, shoulder or iliosacral joint. The surface is smooth. The size is about that of a squash ball. The hardness and the material are optimized for the Slings Myofascial Training®

40 mm Ø, 20 g, silver Latex free, BPA free, free of phthalate, lead-free, REACH compliant


The Slings Tools can be stored and transported in this stylish cotton bag.

47 x 37cm wide, black with silver imprint 100% Cotton

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