Slings Kneeling Pad


This nice, versatile mat can be used as padding for your knees and placed on the exercise mat. Its soft side reduces pressure points and uncomfortable sensations in the knee when you train in a standing or kneeling position, in a lunge or 4-point position. Neatly rolled, it also serves as a cushion. Place it under your head for neck extension, under your supine pelvis or under your abdomen when you want to lengthen your lower back. It is also very useful in preventing lower back problems. The Slings Myofascial Knee Pad can be used as an elbow pad during side plank style side training positions to bring comfort to your practice. It can also serve as an anti-slip mat and protect hands and feet thanks to its thickness.

BRAND: Airex
SIZE: 50 x 24 x 1.5 cm
COLOR: slate
FEATURES: Waterproof