ReConnect your Dots

by Suzi Alderete


We are pleased to showcase this brand-new handbook from Suzi Alderete. This spiral-bound book is for the beginning movement therapy student, to help them even out whole-body movement through each section from head to toe. But even the experienced mover can find places that have been ‘forgotten’ through habit or improper program design. As Suzi says, it’s “a movement language for ANY movement program.”

The book begins with basic ‘rules’ of movement, and then works through each of the Anatomy Trains lines, connecting the ‘dots’ of the stations / attachments through the myofascial lines. Each section is filled with simple but profound exercises to engage the line and the parts of the skeleton associated with the line. The last section looks at all kinds of activities – sport, yoga, swimming, dancing, cycling, etc – in terms of the coordinated action of the lines.

This is a simple book your clients can understand; very good to hand out for homework. Suzi has a knack for explaining the complex concepts in a straightforward and elegant way.

Paperback, spiral binding, 144 pages.