Of cells, fibres and the living human body


The world lying beneath the skin remains to be discovered…

The fibrillar structures observed everywhere in the body are in fact our internal structuring architecture, and are not simply connective tissue, but are actually the constitutive tissue of the body. But how are the cells incorporated into the fibrillar network ? This new film “Of cells, fibers and the living human body” will hopefully persuade scientists to consider the cell in its natural environment, the human body, and to consider also that cells can behave in ways that have until now remained unnoticed because they were studied « in vitro » . It will take us on a journey into a world full of surprises that appear to question certain accepted “truths”.

We can say for example :

-that cells are not present everywhere and are therefore not responsible for the final shape of the body

-that cells, vessels and the fibrillar architecture are histogically inseparable,

-that some cells migrate, or change their location by moving along fibrils.

This exploration of cells in the living human body reveals surprising cell behavior which opens up new fields of research and investigation.