Crossies: Small Light Blue 301



flexotape® Crossies®

• 100% high quality cotton
• Best, latex-free, hypo allergenic, acrylic adhesive
• Low moisture absorption, air and liquid permeable
• Extra strong adhesive: water resistant!
• Sticks extra-long: over 7 days – especially for elite sports
• CE certified

Content per pack: small size
160 patches (2.8cm x 2.1cm)

flexotape® Crossies®
flexotape® Crossies® are self-adhesive, non-elastic, water
resistant, air and liquid permeable patches.

flexotape® Crossies® are applied on the painful
spots like trigger points and acupuncture points to
reduce pressure in fascia and inform fascial receptors.

flexotape® Crossies®
 are used in the following fields:

• Physiotherapy
• Sports physiotherapy
• Sports medicine
• High performance training
• Lymphology
• Neurology
• Gynaecology
• Occupational therapy
• Pain management