Pelvic Power

Mind/Body Exercises for Strength, Flexibility, Posture and Balance for men and women.


Book Overview

Pelvic Power combines scientific principles with movement and imagery exercises that are both effective and fun to perform, clearing the path to a stronger foundation for our body. The exercises train the muscles and joints and also improve the tone of the organs, increasing energy flow.

The only full-length book of exercises and mind-body techniques directed to the general public on the newly-recognized importance of the pelvic floor, affecting posture (which affects every other body part), vitality, sexual function, and preventing incontinence. The pelvic floor acts as a support for the inner organs and contains a passage for the urethra, the sex organs, and for a baby during birth. It plays an important role in almost all movements, in balance and in good body posture. Many back, knee, and foot problems can be cured through conscious training of the pelvic floor- a well-trained pelvic floor has an essential effect on our well-being and vitality. Because the female pelvic floor is more flexible and the male floor tends to be less so, this training program has the goals of increased flexibility for men and the building up of strength for women.

Author Eric Franklin writes of this important new area of study and exercise in his usual vivid, amusing and highly effective way.