Movement – Functional Movement Systems


Book Overview:

Gray Cook crosses the lines between rehabilitation, conditioning and fitness, providing a clear model and a common language under which fitness and rehabilitation professionals can work together. By using systematic logic and revisiting the natural developmental principals all infants employ as they learn to move, Gray takes a new look at motor learning, corrective exercise, and modern conditioning practices.

This book serves a broader purpose to help the reader understand authentic human movement, and how the brain and body create and learn movement patterns. Modern movement dysfunctions are a product of our isolated and incomplete approaches to exercise imposed on our sedentary lifestyles. A return to movement principles can create a more comprehensive exercise and rehabilitation model, a model that starts with movement.

Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS, RKC, is a physical therapist, author, lecturer, and strength coach, based in the USA. For further information, see

Contents: Introduction to Screening and Assessment, Anatomical Science Versus Functional Science, Understanding Movement, Movement Screening, Functional Movement Systems and Movement Patterns, Functional Movement Screen Descriptions, SFMA Introduction and Top-Tier Tests, SFMA Assessment Breakout Descriptions and Flowcharts, Analyzing the Movements in Screens and Assessments, Understanding Corrective Strategies, Developing Corrective Strategies, Building the Corrective Framework, Movement Pattern Corrections, Advanced Corrective Strategies, In Conclusion.