Karma Rub 15ml

15th December 2018

Karma Rub is a natural Australian liquid magnesium mineral salt, is readily absorbed into the body when smeared onto the skin. When used constantly and over a period of time its benefits are fully realised. Generally Magnesium regulates calcium levels in the body (THINK ARTHRITIS, SPURS) It is essential for the function and development of muscles and nerves(THINK SPORTS INJURY). Magnesium activates many enzymes in the body that are positive for inner health. Karma Rub also has antibacterial properties (THINK SKIN DISORDERS) and may support immune systems. Developing muscle tissue and stronger nervous systems for sports people. Do not massage Karma Rub in – just smear it on to the area of the skin that requires it.


Karma Rub is a natural product – use as it is needed as often as is needed. Magnesium makes water feel soft, oily, as it enters the skin it relaxes the tissue and nerves in the vicinity giving stressed muscles and nerves a chance to relax thus the pain management. Magnesium also regulates calcium levels, thus balancing joints with too much or too little calcium in the area that is smeared with the Karma Rub. Relaxing muscles and nerves is fairly quick, balancing calcium levels around joints takes consistent and prolonged use. Magnesium helps the enzymes in the body speed up repairing body damage so it helps healing.

Karma Rub works on muscle, nerves, tendons and tissue. It will not fix structural problems like bulging discs, pinched nerves from a twisted spine. If you use Karma Rub with no effect on mild pain seek medical advice. Karma Rub can be used on bruising, muscle tears, tendonitis, RSI, carpel tunnel, tennis elbow as for calcium spurs. Karma Rub dries salty. Some people may find this product stings – use moisturiser to soften this problem. If a person uses this product for a few days this problem should dissipate once the body acclimatises to the Karma Rub. Skin Area where this product is applied can be washed after about twenty minutes – the product will have soaked into the skin during this time.

When using this product use a few drops at a time. You can use Karma Rub as a massage base the body loves this product. It will soak in quickly by itself. Regular use will provide better health outcomes. Problems arising short term use only as needed. Developed long-term problems use regularly but again only a few drops are required. The magnesium makes this product feel oily, it is not oil based, will dry rapidly and surface can be washed after 10 to 20 minutes. The product will have absorbed into the skin within minutes. Using too much of the product at one time is a waste. A little goes a long way and regular use will provide many unseen benefits to your health. The most important one being ensuring that the body is receiving enough magnesium to function properly.

By applying KARMA RUB to a specific area you are injecting the magnesium in to the area that requires a magnesium boost. Unlike tablets which take time to filter through the system, KARMA RUB can be applied to where it is needed the most. Using liquid magnesium in this way will help the body retain 90% of the magnesium as opposed to just 30 % through tablets.

Headaches – one drop on each of the temples or smear across the forehead. If the headache is a bad one place a further drop behind the ears where the skull and the neck meet. If it is a migraine then do all of the above and smear a couple of drops across the neck region. If headache diminishes but is still felt use more KR as above

Cramps/muscle knots and restless legs – smear on the muscle (area ) that is cramping/knotted 2 to 3 drops. Smear on the thigh muscles, base of spine and behind the knees for restless legs. Night time cramping/restless legs – smear 3 drops on the soles of the feet, a few drops at base of spinal cord ( nerves to legs) before bed Calcium spurs/corns – smear a couple of drops on the effected area minimum 3 times per day Arthritis/Rheumatism – smear on a couple of drops on the effected area twice a day – 4 drops will cover both hands or a foot Skin problems – smear on the effected area 3 times per day then smear on a moisturiser over the effected area if the product starts to sting. Muscle fatigue /Stiff necks – use on effected area as with cramps

Magnesium supplement – smear on the soles of the feet daily . Other ailments like tiredness, body shakes, use on soles of feet every day Sleeplessness – smear KR across the back of the neck before going to bed to help you relax.

This product is anti bacterial –it has no shelf life ( will last for ages) unless mixed with creams or oils.
This product expands when heated, do not leave full bottles in cars during summer months.
This product mixes well with creams and water based oils – mix 5% Karma Rub to your preferred massage lotion.
This product excellent as precursor for pedicures salt scrubs and massages.