FogPod™ Zoono 24hr Hand Barrier Fog 100ml


ZOONO Hand Sanitiser forms an antibacterial shield that bonds to skin and is effective against a broad range of bacteria and helps keep hands hygienic for longer. Successfully tested under EN regulations, ZOONO meets the UK and EU standards to be a broad spectrum disinfectant that is 99.99% effective against bacteria and viruses for extended periods of time.

Armour Hand Sanitiser is scientifically proven to be effective against the human coronavirus family for up to 24 hours on skin.

ZOONO Key Points
Anti-Microbial Barrier Fog
Kills 99.99% of germs upon contact
Unique molecular bonding technology
Skin Protection for up to 24 Hours.

Active Ingredients
ADBAC/BKC (C12-16) CAS 68424-85-1 0.50 % (50g/kg)

Directions for Use
Apply fog to hands for a minimum of 20 seconds to ensure full coverage. Rub hands until dry to ensure the most efficient application is given.
Apply product as required.