Flexotape: Classic Beige 104


flexotape® – the MyofascialTape®

flexotape® is a self-adhesive and elastic tape, designed for Myofascial Taping, developed by Markus Erhard.

Active Fascial Shift – Effect
flexotape® has an extra strong acrylic adhesive, since in Myofascial Taping the tape is applied very often with a lot of stretch on the tape, and it has the Active Fascial Shift – Effect, i.e. the tape has less recoil force than kinesiology tapes. These two features allow that the fascia can be shifted into the same direction as the tape is pulled during application.

The fascial layers can be shifted with as much force as needed in order to meet the thresholds of the different fascial receptors (Golgi, Pacini, Ruffini, and interstitial receptors).
Regular kinesiology tape has usually too much recoil force and cannot shift fascia enough into the same direction they are applied, but pull back instead.

flexotape® – MyofascialTape® has extra been developed for Myofascial Taping according to Markus Erhard, for precise myofascial release techniques, which last long – for everyday activities, work, and especially for sports, for training, competition and regeneration.

flexotape® is used in physiotherapy, osteopathy, pain management and sports – to prevent injury, for rehab and enhanced sports performance.
It is an important part for medical teams of over 30 UK national teams and English Premier League Football and Rugby clubs, German Bundes league and many elite sport clubs all over the world.

flexotape® has been successfully used at the following events:
• Commonwealth Games 2010 (official sponsor Team Scotland)
• Football World Cup 2010 & 2014
• Rugby World Championship 2011
• Football European Championship 2012
• Olympics 2012 & 2014
• and many more

A tape you can rely on!