Fascial Release Wax 50g

Fascial Release Wax has been developed in consultation with James Earls, international lecturer in fascial release technique and anatomy and has been in response to a need for a product with extra, tighter grip for extra tissue control.


It gives the right amount of grip into the connective tissue, allowing the therapist to manipulate it in a wide variety of ways; lengthening, differentiating and mobilising it.

Fascia is the fibrous wrapping which contains and holds all of the elements of our body in place. As a live tissue it is able to adapt itself to mould our bodies into particular patterns that we create through movement, habit or in response to injury. This feature can lead to many postural problems and secondary compensations in the body, creating unique strain patterns and movement restrictions which are held within the fascia.

By using the Fascial Release Wax, the therapist can obtain the correct amount of grip and control on this tissue and the ability to stretch it, open it, move and separate it.

Formula includes Beeswax, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Arnica, Calendula, Essential Oils of Manuka and Lemon. Also includes Hypericum.