Fascia Research DVD Series

This DVD contains 11 video presentations and 3 audio lectures, which were recorded at the ‘Fascia Research Course’ at Ulm University in 2010. Total running time 8.5 hours.


Video Lectures

Robert Schleip Ph.D., Germany

Overview of Fascia Research – 76 min.

Helene M. Langevin MD, USA

New Insights into Chronic Low Back Pain – 30 min.

Serge Gracovetsky PhD, Canada

Bipedalism versus Human Gait – 7 min. excerpt

Thomas W. Myers, USA

Anatomy Trains and Fascia: New Evidence from Dissection – 30 min.

Jean-Claude Guimberteau MD, France

Architecture of the Superficial Fasciae – 12 min.

Thomas W. Findley MD PhD, USA

Research Project Design – 63 min.

Andry Vleeming PhD, Belgium

Dynamic Stability of the Spine and Pelvis – 37 min.

Adjo Zorn PhD, Germany

Swingwalking. Moving with Fascia – 29 min.

Hanno Steinke MD, Germany

New Insights into Fascial Anatomy – 22 min.

Werner Klinger MD, Germany

Temperature Effects on Fascia – 30 min.

Daniele-Claude Martin PhD,Germany

Living Biotensegrity – 43 min.

Audio Lectures

Thomas Findley MD PhD, USA

What Do We Know About Fascia Today?

A Review of the 1st and 2nd International Fascia Research Congress – 71 min.

Carla Stecco MD, Italy

Anatomy of the Human Fasciae – 44 min.

Innervation of Human Fasciae – 39 min.