Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Manual Therapists


Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Manual Therapists is a clear, accurate, and comprehensive anatomy and physiology (A&P) textbook that addresses the specific needs of the manual therapy student.

Unlike standard A&P textbooks, Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Manual Therapists emphasizes need-to-know information for understanding the benefits, effects, indications, and contraindications of manual therapy. For example, it contains an entire chapter on neuromuscular and myofascial connections (Chapter 8), and separates the structure and function of the lymphatic system (Chapter 11) from immunity and healing (Chapter 12).

Special features help students grasp the connection between A&P science and manual therapy practice.

Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Manual Therapists presents A&P science in an accessible manner, with special chapter features aimed at engaging students who often struggle with retaining A&P knowledge from education to clinic. These include:

  • Manual Therapy Applications that highlight material of particular relevance to manual therapists.
  • Pathology Alerts describe common conditions manual therapists encounter, ways the body system’s functionally respond, and a practitioner’s role in navigating the best course of action.
  • What Do You Think open-ended, critical-thinking questions help readers build bridges between the scientific facts and the application of that information to their therapeutic practice.
  • Key Terms with pronunciations introduce students to the language used in a chapter.
  • BTW boxes contain intriguing A&P tidbits that deepen students’ understanding of the human body.
  • Lists of Primary System Components and primary system functions appear in all “system” chapters. This big-picture view of a system is a helpful preview tool, as well as a good study tool.
  • Summary of Key Points provide students with a concise and thorough review of each chapter.
  • Review Questions help students gauge their understanding immediately, with answers in an Appendix.

Written by leading experts in education with decades of manual therapy experience.

Co-authors Pat Archer, MS, AT ret, LMT, and Lisa Nelson, BA, AT/R, LMT are lifelong educators, licensed massage therapists, and school directors. Each is uniquely qualified to prepare students for effective clinical decision-making and possesses an instructor’s understanding of how to make A&P concepts both accessible and relevant to students’ future careers.

Online student resources

Online student resources include:

  • Audio glossary of key terms
  • Video clips from Acland’s Atlas of Human Anatomy
  • Electronic flash cards
  • Case studies
  • Assessments: Interactive Student Question Banks
  • Animations

Online instructor resources

Online instructor resources that accompany this textbook include:

  • Test Generator
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Image Bank
  • LMS Course Cartridges
  • Answers
  • Lesson Plans
  • Video clips from Acland’s Atlas of Human Anatomy
  • Sample syllabi and course outlines for 50- and 100-hour courses

Key details

    • 453 pages
    • Format: Softcover
    • Language: English
    • Copyright date: 2013
    • Also available as an enhanced interactive eBook.


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