Active Fascial Release – London

Speaker: James Earls
Date: 24/25/26 February 2017
Venue: TBC
City: London
Country: UK
Price: £600.00
Contact: Tanya 028 9058 0764 or

James-Earls-2012-150x150Workshop highlights include:

  • The essential principles – touch, layering, movement.
  • Using different drivers for movement to create different effects
  • Creating length versus separation and the importance of each
  • Structural and Functional Assessment – combining the two to really make sense of both
  • Building on the principles listed above and develop global and local movement strategies and when to use each based on the combined structural and functional assessments.

Further highlights include:

A full repertoire of interventions for the upper body including quadratus lumborum, obliques and intercostals, multifidi and shoulder girdle muscles. Bringing the system together to assess and then utilize the full body connections via the Anatomy Trains model.

 Course Description:

Each class includes – Relevant anatomy for the area – short intensive and integrated presentations from multiple sources. The presentations will include new learning tools such as video of fascial dissections combined with palpation of the relevant structures. We always to convey the information in an inspiring and understandable fashion.

Body Reading (visual assessment) & Functional Assessment – the common postural and movement implications – how to see and ‘read’ the intricacy of individual patterns.

Active Fascial Release Techniques – each technique is fully laid out for intent and ‘feel’. With plenty of time for practice we will ensure that you can apply these methods immediately in your practice.

 Who should attend?

The workshop is designed for physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and advanced massage practitioners wanting to add an extra dimension to their treatments.

While anatomy and pathology will be acknowledged during the 3 days of training, time is too short to teach basics, so a reasonable understanding of practice is expected to allow for a rapid progression and focus on techniques.

 What is covered?

AFR is taught in a 3-day workshop (9am-5pm).

The lower limbs are covered in during the first day, along with essential elements of functional movement such as directions and drivers. Fascial touch skills are explored, as well as how to use different movements and directions to create various effects in the myofascial tissues.

The second and third days address the pelvis, torso and shoulder girdle. Techniques and handling are taught for various trunk and shoulder tissues. We then spend a lot of time blending the material together to give a full body treatment, learning to feel the connections through the body in many different positions with a variety of movement ideas.

Once the principles of AFR are learned they can be easily adapted to almost any client or situation, encouraging an increase in their body awareness and understanding of movement as well as resolving or easing many of their issues.

Learning Aids

To support you in the learning process we have chosen some excellent tutors – chosen for their backgrounds in therapy, sports and understanding of the body

By maintaining a teacher-student ratio of 1-9 we can guarantee that you receive enough individual attention to gain proficiency.

Each teaching module is beautifully illustrated with short lectures, and the techniques are supported by video content playing as you practice.

A fully illustrated manual outlines the principles and techniques.

On attendance of the workshop you will receive access to video content to review and expand on the techniques demonstrated during the workshop.


For an investment of £500 plus VAT (£600) attendees will receive the three-day training that is fully supported with a full colour manual and video content, and will gain the knowledge, skill and ability to apply the principles of AFR to generate better client outcomes.


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