The Vital Psoas Muscle: Connecting Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being

Book Overview: 

The roles of the psoas major as both a lumbar spine and hip stabilizer and a connector to the lower extremity appear more important mechanically and warrant its significance, yet its stabilizing functions are still in question depending on the movement. Information on the psoas’s relation with the nervous system is mind-boggling, yet very real. And spiritually, knowledge has been mostly examined through ancient texts and the science of Kundalini yoga and meditation, which appear thorough and relevant even now.

This beautifully illustrated book also shows the reader how to alleviate lower back pain, strengthen the core, correct posture, reduce trauma, and open energy channels. Includes complete sections on the psoas and Pilates, and the psoas and yoga.

Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones, international movement educator, is Full Professor of Kinesiology and Dance with advanced certification in Pilates and Hatha Yoga. She received degrees at both the University of Kansas and New York University before pursuing a career as a performer, choreographer, teacher, author, and movement scientist. Professional memberships include the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science, and the Performing Arts Medicine Association. For further information, see

Contents: Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Psoas Area, Maintaining a Healthy Psoas, The Strain of Lower Back Pain, The Psoas and Pilates, The Connections, When the Psoas Strikes Back, What Do We Know?, The Psoas and Chakra 1: Kinesthetic Balance, The Psoas and Chakra 2: Flow Like Water, The Psoas and Chakra 3: Function Meets Breath, Bibliography, Index

country: Australia


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