Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction


Dysfunctions of the movement system are at the core of most cases of musculoskeletal injury, including (but not limited to) degenerative joint conditions, impingement syndromes, and chronic myofascial and joint pain. These movement impairments result in repetitive and cumulative microtraumas that affect individuals in their occupations and everyday activities, as well as in their attempts to be more physically active during exercise or recreational activities. Full of colour photographs illustrating precise assessments, corrective strategies, and functional progressions this book demonstrates how the fitness professional/clinician can apply the three principles of human movement – respiration, centration, and integration – to improve common movement dysfunctions of the hip and shoulder.

Contents: Introduction, The Functional Movement System, Developing Movement, The Shoulder Complex, The Hip Complex, The Functional Assessment, Developing the Corrective Exercise and Movement Paradigm, Corrective Exercise, Corrective Patterns for the Shoulder and Hip Complexes, Key Patterns and Movement Progressions for the Shoulder and Hip Complexes, Contraindicated Exercises, Conclusion, Appendix, Case Studies, Key Terminology, Resources, Index.

country: Australia


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