Fascial Release for Structural Balance

Fascial Release for Structural Balance combines manual therapy skills with the exciting new field of structural therapy, which employs the unique and newly discovered properties of fascial tissues. Fascia is our biological fabric that plays a vital role in support, posture & stability. Through informed assessment and manipulation of fascial patterns, you can help to eradicate (for good) many chronic strain patterns clients bring to the clinic.

The book is designed for any bodywork practitioner using manual therapy. Physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and massage therapists can all benefit their current and future clients by giving them a structural analysis and creating a treatment strategy using the techniques included in this book. James Earls and Tom Myers bring together a unique introduction to fascially-informed structural anatomy with a method for postural analysis and detailed and easily-applied technique descriptions - what you need to give effective treatments designed to improve your clients' posture and movement efficiency.


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