Contemporary Pilates Flow with Props

This dvd contains 4 Contemporary Pilates sequences with a dash of

Slings Myofascial Training.

Props (Toning Balls, Roller, Magic Circle) are integrated in 3 of the choreographies, is purely mat-based.

Sequence: Contemporary Pilates Classics with Toning Balls
30 minutes with Karin and Anita
Standing • Weight Bearing • Prone
Props: 2 Toning balls

Sequence: Contemporary Pilates Strong Flow with Roller
35 minutes with Karin and Antonia
Standing • 4-Point Kneeling • Sitting • Side Support
Prop: Foam roller

Sequence: Contemporary Pilates Creative Flow
with Magic Circle
30 minutes with Karin and Antonia
Sitting • Supine
Prop: Magic Circle

Sequence: Contemporary Pilates Reaching for the Stars
20 minutes with Karin and Lucas
Supine • Sitting
Without a prop
Each choreography:

Incorporates stabilization, strengthening, lengthening and softening exercises.
Is balanced in itself.
Can be modified for different movement purposes.
Should be modified to suit the mover.

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